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Cheerleading is a high impact sport made up of elements from dance, acrobatics, tumble and gymnastics.

Whilst created in the USA in 1898, the last 30 years have seen a massive increase in popularity and standard in the U.K.

Sport Chair: TBC – Please see our Vacancies page for details

Governing Body: Sportcheer Scotland Main contact Jennifer Park, Student Sport Director, on

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You might want to know…

  • Cheerleading was originally an all-male sport.

  • The Scottish Student Cheerleading Championships is held once a year around the start of March

  • In 2016, Cheerleading was accepted as a provisional Olympic sport – meaning we may see cheerleaders competing in the 2028 LA Olympic Games.

  • You can join a cheerleading team as a student even if you’ve never done it before! Teams are really welcoming and will teach you all the skills you need.

Meet your Sports Chair

Lucy King

Lucy has been at the forefront of Scottish Student Cheerleading, by heading the committees first responsible for delivering the Scottish Student Cheerleading Championships, alongside getting cheerleading SSS recognition. At University of Strathclyde cheerleading team, Lucy both competed and held various committee positions, and wanted to help the sport grow.

Alongside Fiona Barclay (current Vice-Chair), Lucy won Sports Union Volunteers of the Year at the Strathclyde University Star awards for her efforts within cheerleading, as well as SSS Sports Volunteers of the year award in 2019/20.  The future of Scottish student cheerleading is dynamic, and Lucy can’t wait to be at the forefront!

SS Cheer Development Group

Lucy is supported by excellent volunteers in the delivery of SS Cheer:

  • Fiona Barclay (Vice Chair)
  • Louise Mencnarowski (Secretary)
  • Gemma Robertson (Treasurer)
  • Beki West (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Cian Gullen (Publicity & Promotions 1)
  • Rebecca McQueen (Publicity & Promotions 2)

The Procurement Officer role is still vacant on the SS Cheer Development Group for 2022-23. If you’re interested in this (see below), please email

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