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Fencing has been a part of the SSS sports programme since its formation in 2005.

Currently, 22 teams competing in the BUCS Fencing leagues for the 2023-24 season.

SSS Fencing organises the SSS Beginners competition for fencers with less than two years’ experience each February, the SSS Individuals competition for fencers of any level of experience each March and and are looking to re-introduce the SSS Shield Team Cup Competition.

SSS Fencing also manages the Scottish Tier 1 BUCS Conference. These events provide opportunities to compete in foil, epee and sabre disciplines.

Scottish Fencing is the national governing body which oversees fencing in Scotland and fencers are required to have Scottish Fencing membership in order to compete at SSS Fencing events.

Sport Chair: Matt Osprey Pocock
Contact: scottishstudentfencing@hotmail.co.uk

Governing Body: Scottish Fencing

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You might want to know…

  • Fencing is one of the oldest sports in Scotland dating back to the late 17th Century.

  • In Fencing you can compete with three different categories- Foil, Sabre and Epee!

  • SSS Fencing a very internationally diverse sport, with many students from across the UK, Europe, Asia and North America competing every year.

  • It is never too late to start fencing! Most fencers in the SSS Fencing programme have their first exposure to the sport at university. There are many fencers who started in their first year and have gone on to represent Scotland (and other nations) at the 5 Nations Championships and the Commonwealths.

Meet your Sports Chair

Matt Osprey Pocock

Matt Osprey Pocock has been the SSS Fencing Chair since 2020 and oversees the organisation and development of SSS fencing events.

Matt started fencing at the University of Stirling in 2008 and has been involved in student fencing ever since. First as Stirling’s club captain and secretary before going on to work as a coach, referee, researcher, competition organiser and youth co-ordinator for Scottish Fencing.

He has worked on several fencing development projects in the UK, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. Matt also established and led the organisation of Scotland’s largest fencing event, Stirling Sword, for 9 years.

Scottish Student Fencing Development Group

Vice-Chair = We are recruiting!

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