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Handball is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the sport is quickly growing in popularity in the UK.

If you have never heard of Handball before – check out this video, explaining all you need to know about the sport in just two minutes!

In Scotland Handball is organised by two main governing bodies, the Scottish Students Sport (SSS) and the Scottish Handball Association (SHA), aided by the University teams and officials. Together they organise two leagues, with the SSS league being exclusively for students. Competitions for the SSS are usually held on the weekends and are scheduled according to the team’s availabilities, with the finals occurring in February/March on a big final day, where the best 4 teams compete for the league trophy in knock-out games. Across Scotland, we currently have 5 teams competing in the student’s league (Men and Women).

Sports Chair: Marlena Mazura

Sports Vice Chair: Nicolas Huth

Contact for Sports Chair/Vice Chair: scottishstudenthandballchair@gmail.com

Governing Body: Scottish Handball Association 

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You might want to know…

  • As well as participating in the Scottish leagues, our university teams are also able to represent Scotland in the British University Handball Championships in London.

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  • If you are interested in refereeing there is a  Reffin’ brilliant Day, where new and old referees get trained up to become officials! If this interests you and you want to take your next steps to become a handball official then get in contact with your team’s captain or reach out to the Sports Chair/vice Chair.

Meet your Sports Chair

Marlena Debora Mazura

Hi, my name is Marlena, your Student Sports Chair for Handball for the season 2020/21. I am a 4th-year History and International Relations Student at the University of Dundee and the current Captain of Dundee’s Women’s team. Handball has been my favourite sport since I started when I was nine and over the years I have assumed more responsibilities with actively refereeing (since I was 14) and coaching (since I was 18). In my second year at University I was voted Captain for the Women’s team and we were able to celebrate 4th place in the British University Handball Championship’s first division. Apart from Handball in Scotland I have played in Germany during my youth and in Spain in my Erasmus exchange year and now that I’m back for my final year, I’m looking forward to working with everyone on improving the Handball experience in Scotland.

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