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Handball is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the sport is quickly growing in popularity in the UK.

If you have never seen a game of handball before, watch this video which will show you all you need to know about the sport.

Scottish Student Handball is supported by Scottish Handball Association and together they aid the student teams and officials and organise the competitive handball leagues.
There are two main leagues – One exclusively for students (SSS) and one national league (SHA) (2 main national leagues for men).  The Scottish Student Handball matches run between October and February. Following the initial matches, there is a League Finals day, where the best teams compete for the league trophy.

Handball is constantly growing and developing, but there are great opportunities for competitive and recreational matches!

Sports Chair: Alice Hedemo

Contact: scottishstudenthandballchair@gmail.com

Governing Body: Scottish Handball Association Main contact Julia Stenhouse, Operations Manager, on julia.stenhouse@scottishhandball.com

Upcoming Handball Events

You might want to know…

  • There are a lot of exciting events throughout the year with the main event being the League Finals Day which takes place in February! All league fixtures must adhere to the SS Handball Rules and Regulations 2023-24, which can be accessed HERE

  • If you are interested in refereeing there is a  Reffin’ brilliant Day, where new and old referees get trained up to become officials! If this interests you and you want to take your next steps to become a handball official then get in contact with your team’s captain or reach out to the Sports Chair/vice Chair.

Meet your Deelopment Group

Chair – Alice Hedemo

I’m studying Sociology and Criminology at the university of Stirling and I’ve been involved in the Handball Club there as Social Secretary and President.

During my year as president, Stirling joined the SSS league for the first time, making it to BUCS and returning with a Bronze medal for the Women’s team. Joining the league with the club for the first time got me really involved in how the student league worked and I’ve found a passion in helping the sport develop and grow. With this position I’m looking forward to help others universities and colleges to recruit more people and get more visibility in the student sport community.

With Jamie by my side as Vice Chair, we are hoping to get more women to participate and help the sport grow in many new communities in Scotland through active involvement and promotion. We’re also excited to bring many more opportunities and events for everyone in the student Handball community, so stay tuned!

Vice – Chair – Jamie McDiarmid 

I’m just entering my first year of a PhD in International Politics and my handball journey began with Stirling University Handball Club in September last year and more recently I’ve also become a part of Tryst77 Handball Club. Over the past year, my passion for handball has grown immensely, and being a part of the warm and welcoming Scottish handball community has been a real highlight.

As Vice-Chair, together with Alice, our dedication lies in the development of handball in Scotland. We’re excited to collaborate with clubs to promote the sport within local communities and striving to increase women’s involvement and engagement in the game. Moreover, we’re committed to ensuring that individuals get ample opportunities to grow and improve their skills through refereeing and coaching courses

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