We want to support and help you!  We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to run quality programmes and we’ll do our best to make sure we’re helping out and sharing all the great work out there.  Please feel free to download and use the documents below.

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Female Participation
Keeping Sport Safe
Physical Activity
Scottish Student Sport Policies
Why Sport Matters
  • Best & Randak Impact Review Report
  • Code of Ethics & Conduct
  • December Volunteer of the Month
  • Economic importance of sport in Scotland 1998-2012 - sportscotland
  • Equality and Sport Research - sportscotland Report
  • Helping women and girls to get active: a practical guide
  • How to Use the Azolve Entry System
  • Including LGBT Young People in Sport - A Guide
  • LGBT Inclusion in Sport - A Good Practice Handbook
  • On the Right Track - A guide to supporting student sports volunteering in higher education
  • Out For Sport - Tackling Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport
  • Pride in Sport - Preventing and fighting homophobic violence and discriminations in sport
  • Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance
  • Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance - Summary Card
  • SSS Announce Partnership with IENA
  • SSS Child Protection Policy
  • SSS Constitution 2018
  • SSS Equality Policy
  • SSS Events Terms and Conditions
  • SSS Impact Assessment
  • SSS New Sport Policy
  • SSS Playing for Another Institution Policy
  • SSS Privacy Notice
  • SSS Privacy Notice - Azolve
  • SSS Privacy Notice - Azolve (Junior)
  • SSS Representative Sport Policy
  • SSS Strategy 2014-18
  • SSS Strategy 2017-21
  • SSS Volunteering Strategy 2014-18
  • The economic impact of Rugby World Cup 2015
  • The Importance of Students & Young People
  • The Potential of Sport - sportscotland
  • The social benefits of sport - sportscotland
  • Understanding the impact of engagement in culture and sport
  • Understanding the value of sport and physical activity in tertiary education
  • Why Sport Matters - To Communities & Social Cohesion
  • Why Sport Matters - To Education, Workforce & Economy
  • Why Sport Matters - To Health
  • Why Sport Matters - To Mental Health
  • Why Sport Matters - To Older Adults & Social Care